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What is content repurposing?

The process of breaking down or reworking content into multiple different formats so that it can be consumed in a variety of ways and places is called Content Repurposing.

By regularly repurposing your best content, you can become a publishing machine while actually creating less new content overall. 

Stand out from the crowd with polished content that seems to be everywhere, helping your ideal audience find you wherever they may be.

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"This simple strategy will stuff your business so full of content that it will have to wear its fat pants."

Ann Handley

How does it work?

We start with one epic piece of original content and reimagine it into a variety of new assets. Your repurposed package might include things such as. . .

Images for Social Sharing

Optimized visuals for sharing your new content to all your favorite social sites, delivered in the right format and specs for each platform.

Lead Magnet (aka Content Upgrade)

PDFs custom designed for your brand and optimized for sharing help you connect with your tribe and build your email list.


Don't let the inspiring or informational quotes sprinkled throughout your content go to waste! Get custom designed and branded quote images or an organized collection of quotes for use on your website or social banners, as social captions, when you write a book, or. . .the sky's the limit!


Instead of breaking apart one blog post, build several posts into an eBook for sale or giveaway.


Your best content is perfect for republishing to Medium, Huffpost, LinkedIn, journals or to use as guest posts - with a little tweaking for each destination.


Some posts will naturally inspire your next podcast or video. Convert that post into an outline and start recording!


A branded presentation formatted and ready to share online (i.e., Slideshare), use in webinars, or in-person presentations.

Infographic or Mind Map

Some content lends itself perfectly to being transformed into an -catching infographics or mind maps, which can then be used as a freebie or for social sharing.

Companion Post

Every podcast or video should have a companion post. Whether a full, long-form post or abbreviated show notes, it will boost your search results and improve audience experience.

Tips & Stats

Those tips or stats that you shared in your content make perfect tidbits to inspire your social captions. Get an organized list of tips, tricks, or stats to share for social engagement, use on your website, and more.

Custom Video Thumbnail

A custom thumbnail image, branded for your business and optimised for the web to help your video stand out on YouTube or Vimeo.

Video or Trailer

[COMING SOON] Transform your blog post into a storyboard style video or a short image-based trailer, perfect for sharing to YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest.

What will YOUR amazing content inspire?

Creativity and imagination are the only limits to what your content might become!

"You put a lot of work into your content. Why not make sure your audience can see it wherever they want?"

Joel Comm


  • Bespoke Ongoing Service
  • Buzz Kit for Blog Post
You took the time to create incredible content. Now get it in front of as many eyes as possible!

Repurposing your new content as soon as it's created achieves the very best results + the impact multiplies over time.

Your bespoke service is:
  • designed specifically for you, your business and goals, and the type of content you create
  • can include any of the content options shown above + other creative ideas inspired by your content!
  • a recurring service to help you maximize reach and visibility, build authority, and grow your tribe

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(also available for single podcast episode or video)

Create a buzz with a complete promotional set for one blog post:

  • optimize your original post including featured image, SEO, readability, shareability
  • custom branded images for up to 3 social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn or Twitter)
  • custom branded Pinterest pins to drive traffic to your original post
  • snippets, quotes, stats, and/or tips extracted from your post for easy social sharing

Investment starts at $250

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  • Podcast and Video transcripts must be provided by client before work begins. I do not provide transcription services. Please see my Resources Page for recommended options. 
  • Not all content is appropriate for all of the repurposing options shown. Original content is evaluated individually. 
"Valerie is the best business investment I've ever made."

"Content repurposing isn’t a new idea, but it certainly is an underutilized one. When you repurpose, you take one piece of content and turn it into many.

And the beauty behind this tactic? You get more mileage out of your content, a higher impact, and all at a lower cost. In other words – more bang for your marketing dollar."

Rebekah Radice

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