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Your Content, Purrfected

Monthly Content Management

You’re a machine about creating new, original content for your audience on schedule, every time.

But while you have processes in place for content optimization, you’re blogged down with client work and distracted by everything else you need to do to grow your business. 

So optimizing those posts and show notes get stuck in the “to-do someday” pile. But … for the kind of traction you want, you know you need to step up your content game.

With this monthly retainer service, your blog posts or show notes will be fully optimized, polished, published, and promoted every single time – with little to no involvement required by you. 

Take back valuable time and focus on the work only you can do in your business. 

Keep scrolling to see everything that’s included …

Content Optimization

Optimization is what makes your show notes or blog posts ready to reach the largest possible audience. 

From SEO keywords, meta title and description, to the right internal and external links, image optimization, and more. 

Optimizing is a crucial factor in publishing content that reaches your audience, conveys the message you want to share, and builds your authority as an expert. 

Content Polish

Because “good enough,” isn’t. 

Your blog post or show notes will be edited with a fine-toothed comb and polished to a mirror shine. 


  • Proofread
  • Fix grammar & awkward sentences
  • Apply copywriting techniques to increase readability and impact
  • Add or improve call-to-action
  • Format for clarity, readability, and shareability

And everything else your content needs to do its best work.

content polish
publish & promote

Publish & Promote

Once your content is purrfect, it’s time to release it into the world. 

Your content will be scheduled or published at the right time and a promotional email written and scheduled to your list.

Close the circle with a content process that’s seamless from start to finish.

Content Repurposing

Whether you are a blogger, podcaster, or video creator, all of these services still apply.

Creating a companion post or show notes to accompany your audio or video content is key to helping SEO AND your visitor experience. 

Transform your audio or video transcript into a compelling post to accompany your primary content.* 

And don’t forget the social posts that can be created from any type of original content. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg – the only limit to how you can repurpose content is your imagination.

*Transcription not included. See my recommended options.

content repurposing

Ready for content that works?

Monthly retainer begins at $800 / month for weekly content management.

I am currently booked out for monthly services. But you never know when things will change!
Join the interest list to be notified as soon as 1:1 openings are available plus receive all my best tips and tricks for great content, in the meantime. 

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