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Content repurposing is a genius technique that turns a single piece of content into multiple content assets.

Repurposing basically means reworking existing content into multiple new formats which can then be shared and republished into many different channels.

Visit my Blog page to learn more about repurposing.

Great original content can be repurposed into a variety of assets you can use to extend your marketing efforts. Check out the awesome things those new content assets can do for you:

  • great for your SEO because every piece of content you share makes you more visible to search engines (the voracious appetite of Google must be appeased!)
  • your audience can find and enjoy your content on their preferred platforms (new platforms = new eyeballs = possible new leads in your funnel)
  • entice people to visit your website to read the main content (like breadcrumbs leading to a feast)
  • resurface your best performing older content for another round of distribution (no more lazy content)
  • increase your know, like, trust factor through repeated exposure to your message (Rule of 7 for the win!)
As marketing guru Seth Godin said: “Repetition increases the chance that you get heard. Repetition also increases . . . the authority and believability of what you have to say. Listeners go from awareness of the message to understanding to trust.”

Repurposing your content helps you do all of that.

I work with visionary online content creators who want to concentrate on producing stellar original content and let someone else handle it from there.

Content Repurposing helps you to:

  • multiply one piece of content into many
  • increase your reach
  • build authority
  • stay top of mind with your audience
  • improve marketing ROI
  • satisfy the Rule of 7
and much more!

Please visit my Services page to see my current service offerings.

Although the packages on my Services page are my core services, I may be able to help you with a customized or one-time service.

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Yes, there are, thanks for asking.

One of the joys of owning my business is having complete autonomy over what I will and won’t do.

Here are my no-gos:

  • Transcription

I do not offer transcription services. There are a lot of great automated and low-cost transcription services available. See my Resources page for my recommended options. Please plan to utilize one of these tools when you have transcription needs.

  • Sales Copywriting

Sales copywriting is a specialized skillset unto itself. If you are looking for copy that is guaranteed to achieve a certain goal, please look for a copywriter specialist who is trained and experienced in that craft.

Of course, I do provide copy for email newsletters, social media posts, lead magnets, etc. as part of my repurposing services.

I work with visionary online content creators who:

  • are down to earth
  • focus on creating stellar original content
  • prefer to hand off content to someone else to handle the post-creation tasks
  • have a genuine message and knowledge to share

My clients may include:

  • bloggers
  • coaches
  • course creators
  • marketing consultants
  • podcasters

and others who use content as a key element of their marketing plan.

I love working with people who are excited by the idea of getting creative to make the most of their content.

I established my business, A Clever Cat, in 2016 after 20+ years as a corporate Executive Assistant.

Working with Fortune 500 executives for so many years finely honed my attention to detail, organizational skills, and other skills critical to providing impeccable service.

During those years, I also helped friends and clients with a variety of website, online business, and marketing tasks. I discovered that what I love most is the variety of content marketing and especially the creativity of repurposing content.

In my current role as a certified Content Manager, I enjoy helping my clients get their content working harder for their business.

I try to make the process as simple as possible because I know you are very busy.

  1. The first step is to read through this page fully in order to get a feel for what I do and if I am the best choice for what you need right now.

  2. Next, we schedule a 15-minute Chat. During this call we’ll get to know each other a little bit, talk about your business and goals, and discuss how I can help. By the end of this call, we should both have enough information to determine whether working together would be a good fit.

  3. If we decide to work together, we sign an agreement, the first invoice is paid, and get started!

Yes, I encourage it. >

You may find client testimonials sprinkled throughout my site which are linked to their websites. See if one resonates with you, perhaps because the person is in your industry, or maybe you even know them. Feel free to email them and ask what it was like working with me.

For instance, I invite you to get in touch with Robyn Kyberd at Optimise + Grow Online and ask her about me.

If you just have a couple of questions, email me at and I’ll be happy to answer.

Or, book a call below to chat about how I can help get your content working harder for your business.

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