60+ Blog Post Optimization Tips (TLDR version)

blog optimization tips

A while back, I wrote this epic blog post optimization tips article literally PACKED to the gills with tips and tricks for optimizing your blog posts. But ... it’s possible I went a teensy bit overboard.

Because it’s so long, it seems people’s eyes just glaze over. Oops. 🙄 So, this blog post is the TLDR version of that one. A concise, snappy list that’s easy to read.

For the details on any of the items listed below, check out the full article here.

Ready to dive in? Let's go.

What is Content Optimization?

Specific actions you can take that help your post:

  • Get seen by more potential customers aka optimize for search engines so people looking for that information find you
  • Establish your expertise and authority by creating an engaging post that informs and answers readers’ questions
  • Keep your audience coming back for more by formatting a visually appealing and easily digestible post
  • Reach the widest possible audience by including elements that encourage sharing

Keyword Research is Nonnegotiable

  • Identify a focus keyphrase, preferably long-tail
  • Find keyword synonyms
  • Don't forget related search terms

Ingredients For High-Quality Content

  • Answers the questions your audience is asking
  • Provides information they need
  • Is well-written and researched
  • Longer content is better (around 2k words)
  • Correct spelling and grammar required
  • Informative
  • Trustworthy
  • No fluff
  • Uses keywords naturally
  • Written for people (not just search engines)
  • Know and understand your audience
  • Use good design and UX


How to Optimize for SEO

Optimize your URL:

  • Keep URLs short
  • Avoid dates in your URL
  • Include your focus keyword in the URL
  • Make URLs readable and descriptive

Optimize Your Title:

  • Make it clear your post is comprehensive (i.e., “ultimate guide”)
  • Include an odd number
  • Use brackets or parentheses
  • Use emotionally powerful words
  • Flip positive to negative
  • Ask a question

Using Keywords:

  • Focus keyphrase in the first 100 words
  • In the URL
  • Headers and subheaders
  • Image name(s)
  • Image alt text
  • Title tag (meta details)
  • Meta description

How To Optimize Images For Web

  • Use the right image format
  • Optimize the image size (pixels and file size)
  • Name image BEFORE you upload
  • Add alt text & description

How To Increase Readability

  • Write like you speak
  • Keep it short
  • Use shorter & easier words
  • Keep sentences short
  • Shorten paragraphs
  • Use bigger fonts
  • Include white space
  • Break it up (no wall of text)
  • Use the active voice

Tips For Shareable Content

  • Include sharing buttons
  • Use images people want to share
  • Add pinnable images
  • Embed a SlideShare presentation
  • Use a longer headline
  • Write longer content
  • Include multimedia elements
  • Always set a featured image
  • Add a customized sharing CTA at the end of your post
  • Publish between 8am-Noon

Finishing Touches (for maximum Google juice)

  • Have branded social accounts
  • Collect emails to build your email list
  • Have a mobile-friendly website
  • Get backlinks
  • Update and optimize old blog posts

Leverage The Power of Visuals

  • Include a relevant visual for every 75-100 words in your post
  • Add an image to every social post
  • Use summary cards with a large image when you share to Twitter
  • Include relevant pinnable images
  • Try “picture list” posts

Start Using These Blog Optimization Tips Now

So there you have it! A concise and easy-to-read list of all my best blog optimization tips. If you want context on any of these, read the fully fleshed-out article right here: 62 Powerful Blog Optimization SEO Tips You Need To Get More Clients.  


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