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3 AI Content Marketing Tools That Actually Make Content Creation Fun And Easy

You know creating valuable content can take hours or even days. But what if you had some sweet AI content marketing tools to streamline your content creation process?

It’s no secret that content is vital in today’s world of digital marketing. Great content boosts your SEO, increases visitors’ time on your website, and encourages social shares.

But there’s no denying it also requires time, brainpower, and creativity. In fact, 60% of businesses report that producing content consistently is a struggle.

Are you part of that 60%?

Even if you’re a boss at pumping out content, even if you outsource your content, the right tools can save you (or your writers) time and frustration and free you up to focus on other things.

So, if you want to create high-quality content faster and easier than ever before, keep scrolling to discover 3 content marketing tools that use artificial intelligence to do just that.

Ready to jump in?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. What is artificial content?
  2. How is AI used in content marketing?
  3. Content marketing with AI powered content
  4. What is AI content creation?
  5. 3 AI content creation tools you should consider
  6. Why I love and recommend
  7. Recap

This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a small thank you commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend tools and products I have personally vetted and believe will provide true value regardless of any such commission. 

What is artificial intelligence?

Before we dive into specific tools, let’s talk about what artificial intelligence means.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a catch-all term that includes several different technologies, including:

  • machine learning
  • natural language processing
  • natural language generation

and more.

What ties these together is the similar AI practices they use to perform processes, often as well as – or even better than – humans.

And the best part? They improve with time and experience, just like humans.

But you may wonder … why should you care?

Here’s why – because AI can make you a better content marketer.


How is AI used in content marketing?

You may not realize that AI in content marketing is actually not new at all.

For instance, here are a few of the many ways content marketers have been using AI for years:

  • Post topic generators
  • Chatbots that answer questions for customers
  • Those “you may also like …” recommendations that are everywhere
  • Ad targeting on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

And lots more

So, whether you knew it or not, AI has been an integral part of content strategies for a long time.

But with recent improvements in natural language generation, AI powered content has become a valuable tool to assist human content writers.


Content marketing with AI powered content

Imagine …

  • overcoming writer’s block with a single click
  • zooming through content creation time (and still ending up with incredible content)
  • improving content performance
  • easily generating content ideas
  • keeping your website stocked with fresh posts, stress-free

And more. All this can be done through the power of artificial intelligence.

Imagine a content creation process that’s fun and energizing instead of dread-inducing!

Thankfully, AI technology is here to make your content marketing strategy dreams come true.


What is AI content creation?

In my opinion, the most exciting way marketers are using AI these days is to create high-quality content faster and easier (and with more fun!).

The truth is, writing blog posts that are both human-enjoyable and SEO-friendly is so much simpler with the right tools.

So, let’s look at 3 AI tools that just might transform how you feel about your content marketing efforts.


3 AI Content Creation Tools You Should Consider (formerly known as

Let’s start with Jasper because it’s my absolute favorite! And it’s also the most powerful tool on this list. screenshot

Jasper is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create relevant content for your business more quickly.

But that sentence doesn’t even come close to conveying what a game-changer this tool truly is. So keep reading.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if you need help generating:

  • advertising copy
  • articles
  • case studies
  • emails
  • landing or sales pages
  • post headlines
  • product descriptions
  • social media captions
  • subject lines
  • video scripts
  • website copy

or something else entirely.

Because Jasper can do it all. And once you get the hang of it, it’s dead simple to use.


Content writing with Jasper

There are a couple of different ways to work with Jasper. And I’m sure more will come along as the technology evolves. But let’s look at what’s available right now.


Jasper offers several “Templates” to help you create the kind of content you want. These are perfect when you first start using Jasper to understand how he works. Templates are also useful if you have a specific thing you want to create.

So how do they work?

Let’s use a blog post as an example.

Here is one blog writing process you could use with Jasper templates:

  • Generate some topics using the Blog Post Topic Ideas template
  • Plug your chosen topic into the Blog Post Outline template and receive a suggested post outline. Edit as needed.
  • Next, automatically generate an intro with the Blog Post Intro Paragraph template (pick your favorite from its suggestions).
  • Then hop into the Long-Form assistant to flesh out your post either manually or with help from Jasper (Note: Long-Form Assistant requires a Pro account).
  • Then let Jasper wrap it up with an engaging conclusion paragraph.

But that’s just one example. At the time of this writing, Jasper offers 53 different content production templates.

Jasper templates dashboard - ai content marketing article

Boss Mode

Another option is to do all of that in one place with Boss Mode (Note: BossMode requires a Pro + Boss Mode account – totally worth it).

With Boss Mode, you can do all of the above steps in the Long-Form Assistant. Just write the command you want to use and hit CMD+Enter.

But it’s even more powerful than it sounds because Jasper can understand other commands you may come up with on the fly.

For instance, you could ask Jasper to …

  • Tell you a joke
  • Generate questions about a topic
  • Answer questions
  • Complete your thought
  • Explain something to you
  • Write pros/advantages/cons/disadvantages/risks
  • Convert a paragraph to a list

Check out these examples:

Jasper questions screenshot - ai content marketing article

And more. Seriously, your imagination is about the only limit (Note: always fact check. Sometimes Jasper makes stuff up).

So, Jasper can help with just about anything you need for your marketing campaigns or content strategy.


Can Jasper replace a human writer?

I mean, yeah? But that’s not the best use of his talents.

Humans still hold the title for writing engaging, relevant content that makes sense. So, Jasper is best used as an assistant to help you:

  • flesh out your thoughts
  • overcome writer’s block quickly
  • and write original content more easily

I get it – it’s tempting to want Jasper to do the whole thing for you. But if you want content that will help achieve your goals, you need to use all the tools at your disposal. And that includes your own brain, knowledge, and skills.


Why I love and recommend Jasper

The main reason I love Jasper is he makes content marketing fun and easy. And he flat out crushes writer’s block.

Whenever my brain begins to stall, I just click Compose and see what Jasper gives me.

Sometimes, it’s exactly what my article needs. Other times, it’s not. But I find that even the content that doesn’t work often gives me a great idea of where to go next.

And sure, occasionally, Jasper completely whiffs and gives you junk. But it’s easy to delete, prime him with a sentence or three, and try again.

Just remember – he’s young and learning more all the time. He’s only going to get better from here. And as good as he is now – just imagine where he’ll end up!

If staying consistent with your content creation is something you struggle with, I highly recommend you give Jasper a try. You’ll be amazed at how productive he can help you be.

Sign up for a free Jasper trial and get 10,000 free credits with this link.


Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO intro image - ai content marketing article

Surfer SEO is a full-featured SEO tool that helps you:

  • Do keyword research
  • Plan SEO optimized content
  • Audit your website for SEO opportunities

And more.

But the very best thing about this SEO tool?

It integrates directly into JasperAnd here’s why that’s a good thing.

The two programs work together like peanut butter and chocolate. Or SEO and content intelligence, if you prefer.

By integrating these two apps, you can find critical insights your content needs before you even begin to write without hours of manual research.

In a couple of clicks, Surfer will spell out exactly what your article needs to achieve your goals.

So, Surfer SEO gives you all the details you need to create valuable content your audience (and Google!) will love. And then Jasper helps you write it.

It’s a super smooth workflow. Here’s how it works.

How To Use Jasper With Surfer SEO

Note: You’ll need a Pro + Boss Mode account in Jasper + a Surfer SEO account for this process.

When using these two tools together, I recommend starting in Jasper.

Open a new document and click the SEO Mode button at the center top to open the Surfer SEO panel.

Content Editor

Enter the focus keyphrase you want to target for this article and click the ‘Create Content Editor’ button.

Surfer will generate content guidelines showing you what your content needs to compete for this keyword, including:

  • How long your post should be (how many words and paragraphs)
  • The number of headings you should use
  • How many images to add
  • And a list of relevant words you should include in your article

The coolest part about this is that it will automatically scan your content for the suggested words as you write and give you the green light for each word when it’s covered.

Surfer SEO words image - ai content marketing article

As you work on your article, Surfer will continually update your Content Score. This lets you know when your article has everything it needs.

Surfer SEO content score image - AI content marketing article

Content Brief

It will also generate a Content Brief with links to the topic articles for your chosen keyphrase and related topics & questions.

Surfer SEO content brief - ai content marketing article

So, instead of manually doing extensive research to create content that outperforms competitors, let Jasper, and Surfer SEO automate the entire process for you. Obviously, you must have a Surfer SEO account before you can integrate it into Jasper.

And remember – these features within Jasper are in addition to the regular SEO features that Surfer offers, which include:

  • SERP analyzer
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Content editor
  • Content planner
  • Keyword Surfer chome extension

And by the way, the free Chrome extension is very cool. It provides keyword stats while searching Google and also adds the content editor function into your WordPress backend.

This is another tool I highly recommend, especially if you are using Jasper. But even if you aren’t in the market for a good SEO tool, you should download their free Chrome extension. It’s helpful and doesn’t cost a thing.

Download the Free Surfer Chrome extension here.

Grammarly intro image - ai content marketing article

You’ve probably already heard of this one. But it’s so useful that it deserves a place on this list.

What you may NOT realize is that readability is a critical component of content creation. And it’s one that most people overlook.

Readability is all about making your content clear and simple to understand for your readers. And a variety of factors contribute.


  • Vocabulary – Certain words are easier to understand and digest than others. Plus, vivid phrasing can make even a boring topic enjoyable to read.
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Sentence structure – a sentence that’s hard to follow can disrupt your readers, causing them to lose interest before getting to the end of your content. Keeping sentences relatively simple and easy to follow and understand will help your readers stay engaged.
  • Tone and formality.
  • Layout & Formatting – Even the layout and formatting can determine whether your article ends up awful or amazing.
  • And more.

So how does Grammarly help?

Grammarly analyzes your text and provides suggestions to improve the clarity of your writing. It’s the perfect assistant to make sure your content is engaging, easy to understand, and conveys the message you want to send.

It highlights:

  • Long sentences
  • Complex words (add special words to your custom dictionary)
  • Clichés
  • Passive voice
  • Adverbs (which tend to be overused)
  • The clarity of your writing
  • The tone of your text – formal or conversational
  • Plagiarism – This is an amazing feature included with Grammarly premium! Make sure your content is free of any plagiarism risk before hitting publish without having to export it to a stand-alone plagiarism checker.

Grammarly example - AI content writing article

Grammarly makes it easy to use with a Chrome extension plus many integrations for Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Slack, and more. You can also upload documents or copy and paste text for review and even download a desktop version.

And guess what? It even works inside Jasper.

That means you can use all 3 of these tools together:

  • Open Jasper and use the Surfer integration to create your content brief and guidelines
  • Write your content with Jasper’s help
  • Use Grammarly to correct any typos, polish word choices, and correct sentence structure for the best possible output.

All within a single, clean interface.

Think of Grammarly as your on-call AI editor that cleans up your mess before you hit publish. So you always publish polished content without embarrassing errors.

Learn more about Grammarly and grab their free Chrome extension here.


Make Content Creation Fun & Easy With AI Content Tools

Before you sit down to write your next blog post, make sure you have the right tools in place.

Using AI assistants like Jasper, Surfer SEO, and Grammarly will help you ensure each post fulfills its potential. So you can spend more time growing your business instead of stressing out about the next piece of content you need to create.

Here are the tools we covered:

Now, you. Have you tried any of these tools? What did you think? Did I miss your favorite AI content marketing tool?

Tell me in the comments below! 👇


This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a small thank you commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend tools and products I have personally vetted and believe will provide true value regardless of any such commission. 

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