About A Clever Cat

Here's what I know about you. . .

You achieve real results for your clients and your business is growing because of it.  

You’ve got a lot on your plate – client work, marketing, social media, leads, PR opportunities to follow up on, and more.  Everything the CEO of a successful online business has on her list. 

Plus, you have plans! 

But it’s taking a toll.

You can't do it all.

  • You know you need help but you’ve struggled to find someone who feels right
  • You’re afraid it will take longer to train someone to help you than to just do it yourself
  • You feel stuck because more tasks get added to your list with each new client
  • You wish you could find someone who gets your business and clientele
  • It feels like a risk to trust someone new with your business

I get it – I’m a business owner, too.  Which is why I take your business as seriously as my own.

What does working together look like?

About A Clever Cat Virtual Marketing Assistant

With stable, levelheaded support, my clients. . .

  • go from overwhelmed to feeling in control

  • stop worrying if things are getting done and know their marketing tasks are being handled correctly (and on time!)

  • stop spinning their wheels and focus on high-level work

  • move past their holding pattern and get back to growing their business with new offerings and clients

  • get unstuck!

Hi, I'm Valerie

I help online marketers and business owners tame marketing chaos, bring balance back to their lives, and support their business growth.

Your assistant should help you feel calm, comfortable, and confident.

That's what I do.

Valerie Tate of A Clever Cat image

Valerie Tate
of A Clever Cat

After 20+ years supporting corporate execs as an Executive Assistant, I discovered that helping online business owners move the needle makes me a lot happier than being another cog in a corporate machine.

One great thing about working with Fortune 500 executives for all those years is that it finely honed my attention to detail, organizational skills, and other skills critical to providing impeccable service. 

In my current role as digital marketing and operations assistant, I partner with solopreneurs and other online business owners to reliably implement their marketing tasks with precision and manage online back-end systems in their businesses. 

My role in your company boils down to one simple thing:  To free you from stress and overwhelm so you can focus your time and energy on doing your best work. 

When I’m not helping clients, I’m indulging my wide nerdy streak by enjoying superhero movies, Medieval reenactment, tabletop role-playing games, and steamy romance novels. 

The reason my business is called A Clever Cat is a reflection of my love of cats (I have several). 

Remote Support Done Right


Intelligent support means being more than just a task-taker. When I see something, I say something.

Your business systems will be continually improved with streamlined processes and suggestions for improvement anywhere I see them. 


Integrity goes hand in hand with everything I do. 

Your confidential information remains confidential, I do what I say I will do, and I own up to my mistakes. 


Long-term, collaborative relationships are always the goal. 

The best results come as we work together over time. 


Beyond some necessary onboarding, you won’t need to hold my hand.

At the same time, we’ll stay in regular touch to make sure we know what the deadlines are and who’s doing what. 

Ready to get started?

The first step to getting closer to the business life balance you’re dreaming of is to schedule a call to chat about your business, what you’re currently doing, and if there’s a fit for us to work together. 

This is a no-hassle call and I promise – no hard sell.  

If any of the above sounds good, let’s talk!