How to Partner With the Right Virtual Assistant for You


How do you feel about your business?


Think back to when you first started your online business. I’ll bet some of the reasons you decided to go for it were things like:

  • Being your own boss, no grumpy supervisors breathing down your neck
  • Setting your own hours (and less is more, right?)
  • Working at your own pace
  • Taking time off when you feel like it
  • Master of your own fate!

That amazing ‘lifestyle business’ we all dream of!

Now that you’ve been in business for a while. . .

Does it actually look anything like that? I certainly hope so.

But for many, it just doesn’t. Often, online business owners end up working more than they did in their 9-5 job, with just as much stress – and sometimes much more!

You’ve realized that the buck stops with you and the pressure to do #allthethings is building up. The more successful your business becomes, the more you begin to feel like something’s got to change.

The truth is that once you get to a certain point, some things DO need to change if you want your business to keep growing.

For sustainable growth and a business you can love again, your mindset needs to go from:

  • you are the business to you are the CEO of your business
  • ‘seat of your pants’ to processes in place
  • working in your business to working on your business

Transition to your CEO mindset

Most people think that they will just naturally grow out of being the doer in their business and into the CEO and manager of it.

In reality, it usually takes a conscious decision to make that leap.

A simple first step to move toward your CEO mindset can be to hire a virtual assistant to take over some of your regular tasks.

But if you have big plans for your business, if your business is successful and growing and you want to maximize that, don’t settle for the first VA you come across.

The key is to hire the right virtual assistant for YOU. Someone who:

  • will partner with you to improve and grow your business
  • values your business as much as their own
  • meshes with your personality and work style
  •  has a professional work ethic and integrity

Finding the right virtual assistant for you

So how do you find this perfect unicorn?

It just so happens that I sat down recently with the awesome Robyn Kyberd of Optimise + Grow Online to talk about this very thing.

We covered all the ins and outs of:

  • how a virtual assistant can help you
  • the right time to bring a VA into your business
  • what to do BEFORE you hire
  • what to ask your VA candidates
  • how to set yourself up for a highly productive and collaborative relationship
  • and more!

Read the whole article here: BEST Tips for Hiring a VA: How to Prepare For, Find, Hire & work with a VA

If you find yourself feeling weighed down by your business, maybe it’s time to work on your CEO mindset and see if anything in this article resonates with you.

Or, if you have any questions or comments, please drop me a note right here! I’d love to hear what you think.